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Skincare In The Sun

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The sun is at it’s strongest between 11am and 3pm. It is best to avoid sun exposure at these times as even skins that tan well, can burn very quickly in the middle of the day. The best tans are gradual. Less skin damage and longer lasting colour is your reward for patience.

No matter how long you stay out in the sun, your skin only produces a certain amount of melanin. So after an hour or two you will stop tanning and start burning. This time is a lot less for fair skin.

Always keep your face out of the sun. Where a hat, preferably one with a brim to shade your face. The sun causes irreversible damage to you skin, which causes collagen to break down faster leading to premature lines, wrinkles and sagging.

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once or twice a week is important to help unclog the pores, by removing dead skin cells improving the appearance and health of the skin. Regularly removing dead skin cells allows a deeper and longer lasting tan. Exfoliating also improves circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Click here for more information about #exfoliating…..

Suntan lotion should be applied 15-30 minutes before going out and reapplied shortly after going out. If you have Olive skin and tan well SPF15 may be enough if you reapply every half hour. However you are safest using SPF 30 - 50, especially if you burn easily and reapply every 30 minutes to an hour.

Always reapply after going into the water.Even waterproof suntan lotions wash off and are removed by towels.

Sun strength is magnified around water. So you are more likely to burn at the sitting at the water’s edge or while in water..

Freckles and pigmentation marks are a sign that you skin is trying to protect itsself from the sun. Burning once is enough to cause cancer. Constant sun exposure causes aging so protecting skin is essential.

The summer is finally here and we can get colour on our lily white legs, ready for our holiday! However, instead of perfect brown you go bright red, peel and end up as pale as before!

With a little preparation and care you can minimise the damage to your skin and gain a healthy looking tan, you can keep.

A good skincare regime is essential. Sun will dry skin out and making it look tired and leathery over time. Or worse, the dreaded peel. Regularly moisturised and properly hydrated skin will take a little longer to tan, however you are rewarded with a long lasting tan and glowing skin, Cleanse and moisturise your face every morning and evening and after swimming or showering.

Preparation #PostSun

After Sun Exposure. Keep skin cool avoiding hot baths and showers. Apply moisturiser or aftersun lotions after a shower or bath, before bed and again in the morning. Top up throughout the day if your skin feels tight, dry or starts to peel.

If you Look after your skin, before and after sun exposure, and stay sun safe, you should keep your tan and avoid uncomfortable redness and unsightly peel.

Too much sun exposure causes aging, skin damage and cancer, but limited sun exposure is also good for your skin. Sun exposure is the best source of vitamin D which many of us are lacking, especially after the winter, UV light also helps various skin problems like eczema and acne.

Sunlight improves moods, sleep and depression. So make the most of the summer, without the misery.

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