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Skincare in the sun…How to improve
your summer tan and make it last longer, without peeling

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Both summer and winter causes skin issues.

Summer….sun, chlorine and air conditioning will dry out your skin. Dryness and peeling are often the results of sunbathing and heat causes breakouts.  

These skin problems might be prevented by spending a little time on your skin to ensure a happy glowing skin all year round.

Dry or dehydrated skin causes collagen and elastin to break down faster Leading to lines, lack of firmness and wrinkles. Keeping skin well nourished will slow down this process.

Use a #facemask once a week. Choose a nourishing mask for dryness and a setting mask to close pores. Leave for 5-15 minutes. Your skin will feel brighter, fresher and more hydrated.

#Exfoliating once or twice a week, will remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Your skin will look brighter and face masks moisturiser will be able to absorb deeper into the skin.

#Lip Balms prevent lips from drying out during the day. A thick layer before bed will nourish your lips overnight, Use a medicated one if your lips are cracked and sore.

#Eyecreams. Skin around your eyes is very thin and sensitive. Heavy creams and oils can cause puffiness. Eye creams are light and easy to apply without Dragging, which could contribute to lines. Dot around eye and tap in gently.

Winter….stress and cold weather is bad news for your skin. At a time when you want to look great, for christmas parties and meeting people you haven’t seen in a year!! Cold weather, wind, room heating and stress will dehydrate your skin and strip it of beneficial oils, needed to keep skin supple and protected, leading to sensitive, irritated, red, flaky and tight skin.

#Moisturise morning and night.
Day creams protect your skin from the environment, wind, sun, rain and cold as well as moisturising.
Night creams nourish and repair your skin overnight. During the night your body and skin repair and regenerate while you sleep. Skin is More receptive and absorbs anything on the skin.