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#Hydration  Plain water is the best choice of fluid for your skin. Zero calories means you can drink as much as you want without worrying about your waistline.

Flavouring water with fruit such as lemons, mint or frozen berries is a refreshing way to hydrate. And skin will love the anti-oxidant effects of fruit and herbs.

Teas also contain plenty of anti-oxidants making them a great alternative.

#Weightloss #Cellulite

Increasing  blood flow and and carrying away toxins helps to minimise cellulite areas. Drinking more water and regular exfoliating, massage and excercise all improve the dreaded orange peel effect.

Water is needed to boost your body’s ability to access and burn fat. This also gives you more energy, making water a great weight loss tool. Your joints also need fluid too aid movement with out injury. So good hydration can oil the joints.

Fighting the bloat. Water aids digestion. Speeding up sluggish digestion.

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As  important as it is to have a good  skin care regime. Skin needs to be healthy  and hydrated on the inside. Drinking  plenty of fluid and eating a balanced diet will  ensure youthful glowing skin.

#Water effect Water improves the flow of blood and lymph around your body helping to clear away waste from cells and deliver oxygen and nutrients, helping to clear spots and making the skin look clearer and fresher.

The hydrated cells plump up minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

#Eyecare Dark circles and bags under the eyes, are often a sign of de-hydration. They tend to be worse after a wine too many or a late night. Drinking a little more water should help.

#Water retention Water is essential for life. Without a water supply you cannot survive. So when the body feels dehydrated or is receiving limited amounts of fluid, it goes into survival mode. Thinking water is in short supply, the body hangs on to it, just in case.

So not drinking enough can cause water retention and weight gain.

Drinking more water can help aid weight loss, reduce cellulite, increase energy levels and improve the skin and reduce signs of aging. So why not get in an extra glass a day.

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