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#Exfoliation #Body Scrubs #Dry Skin Brushing  #Microdermabrasion

These are all methods of removing the top layer of dead skin cells.
 Cells are made in the lower layers of the #skin and are pushed up to the surface by newly generated cells. When they reach the surface of the skin they are washed or brushed off. This process takes around 28 days.

It is these old cells or dead skin cells that we need to remove. They will naturally wash off without help. However in colder weather, times of stress or illness or generally as skin gets older, this process slows down.
By removing these cells skin looks fresher and younger, moisturiser is more effective and blood circulation is improved.

Increasing Circulation
Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells and takes away waste. #Exfoliation will speed up this process. Improving problem skin. #Spots, #dry skin will benefit. Collagen and elastin production will increase, improving lines and wrinkles.

There are many ways to exfoliate.
Dry Skin Brushing involves using a bath or body brush before a shower or bath. Do not wet the skin. Start at your feet and brush up the body in long, sweeping strokes a few times. Always brushing toward your heart. Gives a huge boost to your circulation and great for your skin and immune system.
Exfoliating Creams and Gels can be used in the shower/bath. However for the best results, use before wetting your skin, working up from your feet.
Microderambrasion is a salon treatment using crystals to remove the skin cells. Deeper than the other techniques.
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