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#Toning is an important part of the cleansing routine as it is essential to remove all traces of the cleanser. Cleansers left on the skin cause dry patches and block pores, causing blemishes.

#Cleansing Morning and Night
 During the day your skin picks up dirt and pollution from the environment. Moisturiser and makeup protect it from the wind, cold and sun.
 However at night your skin needs to rest and repair itself. Make up and dirt will only clog skin up causing spots and dullness. Never skip cleansing  before bed.

#Exfoliating once or twice a week is important to help unclog, by removing dead skin cells and dirt and oils that can block your pores.
Pores or follicles moisturise skin by producing oils, skin is also protected by oils and sweat, forming a barrier against the elements. Blocked pores will not allow the oils and sweat out causing spots and blackheads.
Exfoliating also improves circulation and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Click here for more information about #exfoliating…..

#Facemasks used once or twice a week are a great way of hydrating, feeding, and cleansing skin that need a little extra TLC. If you have a skin problem, there will be a mask to treat it. Most skins benefit from regular face masks, once or twice a week. They are excellent at rehydrating, thanks to the oils in the mask. Most masks contain natural clays which are good at drawing out dirt from the pores.
Face masks help to relax and de-stress. Stress causes skin blemishes, red blotchy skin or dry patches, eczema and psoriasis problems worsen. Chilling with a face mask is essential me time.

#Moisturising along with cleansing should never be skipped. Twice a day is the minimum. Skin that feels stressed and dehydrated will look dull and lined. The deterioration of collagen and elastin, is accelerated by dry, and stressed skin.

#Daycream protects skin from the elements and environment. Wind, rain, cold and sun dries out skin, as well as heat from heating and hot baths and showers. Pollution clogs up pores and increases dry skin issues.
 A layer of moisturiser forms a barrier to keep moisture in and protect from the environment. Day moisturiser also makes a perfect primer for make up to look good all day. Skin will absorb any moisture in the make up so you will need to apply more, and colour will be dull and it will not last for long. Moisturiser will give your skin a healthy glow, and give makeup staying power.

#Nightcreams moisturise and feed your skin while you sleep.
As you sleep, your body repairs it’s damaged cells, producing new cells, at a faster rate than during the day.
Fights infection (spots) and repairs damaged muscle.
Produces more collagen and elastin.

Skin has a faster absorption rate at night,
so this is the best time for creams that moisturise and combat aging.

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As someone who loves all things beauty, I have always had a good skincare routine. However skincare can be confusing. So this article hopes to explain what you need for a basic skincare routine.